First Annual International Hot Air Balloon Competition Exhibition Juror Harvey Stein

Best of ShowwTCC PHOTO | GALLERY is proud to announce the winners of the First Annual International Hot Air Balloon Competition Exhibition Juror Harvey Stein. The exhibition opens July 23 – September 14, 2012. TCC PHOTO | GALLERY is located at 207 N. Center St. in Downtown Longview, TX and on the web at The gallery is open from 10 – 6pm Monday – Friday.

Best of Show Mèlie’s Show © Fran Forman, Watertown, MA

With The City of Longview and the Great Texas Balloon Race hosting A World Class Event, The US Nationals Hot Air Balloon Championships for the next three years 2012 – 2015 we are having two receptions for the First

Annual International Hot Air Balloon Competition Exhibition. The first opens Wednesday July 25, from 4-8 and the second with ArtWalk Thursday July 26, from 4-8. Join us we serve refreshments and spirits for this up in the air event.

Second Place                                                    Third Place

And the winners are:

Best of Show is Mèlie’s Dream collage by Fran Forman, Watertown, MA

Second Place 100 Years, Patty Lemke, Los Angeles, CA

Third Place, Untitled 1, Clark Langley, Kilgore, TX

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention Airborne, Fran Forman, Watertown, MA

Honorable Mention Field of Balloons Jacob Adkinsson, Longview, TX

Honorable Mention In the Clouds  Val Isenhower, Albuquerque, NM

Honorable Mention Luminous Inflation, Jennifer Meihofer, South Hampton, NY

And here are the rest of the winners

Clark Langley

Carol Watson

Audrey Watson

Becky Thompson

George Campbell

Jan Martinsky

Jennifer Melhofer

Judith Panagotopulos

Michelle Ford

Nancy Pasel

Scott Leberman

Steve Korevec

Steven List

Steve Stokan

Val lsenhower

John Petty

Lisa Smith

Patty Lemke

Juror Harvey Stein had this to say about the competition:

As near as I can tell, about 30 percent of the images I’ve selected for this exhibition were taken from hot air balloons while in the air. For whatever reasons, I have never been up in a hot air balloon, even though I’ve heard about how silent, beautiful, peaceful and wonderful an experience it is. Maybe I was afraid, maybe I didn’t have much opportunity, living in the great urban center of New York City. Maybe I was always too busy photographing earth bound subjects. But last October 1st, I had the great pleasure of being in Albuquerque’s sprawling Balloon Fiesta Park, freezing along with thousands of others, at 4AM and getting ready for the mass ascension of the world’s largest hot air balloon extravaganza. Of course, I was there to photograph, which I did until about 10AM. I was amazed at the passion, awe and love that the balloonists, as well as the spectators expressed at the event.

So I was thrilled when asked to jury the TCC Photo Gallery’s International Hot Air Balloon competition. Viewing the submitted images, it took me back to that chilly, dusty field in Albuquerque. I again felt the exhilaration and wonder of these beautiful flying balloons. So many of the images capture the sublime, ethereal, calm beauty of this sport. And what these images do for me is to instill the desire to get up in the air in one of these giant creatures. So thank you all contestants, and my congratulations to those of you who have been selected to exhibit your work. Your photographs are masterful. Hey, keep shooting and being UP in the air, flying freely.  I’ll wave to you when we pass each other.

Harvey Stein, New York City, July 1, 2012

Be on the look out for news and information about our Second Annual International Hot Air Balloon Competition. Co- Jurors are Dr. Bill Bussey and Harvey Stein. TCC PHOTO | GALLERY will have information on the web-site in the spring of 2013.


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