Holga Out of the Box International Photography Competition & Hack Your Holga Workshop Extended Deadline

Tree in Snow © Ted Orland

The 3rd Annual Holga Out of the Box International Call For Entry is now under way with a great and inspirational photographer and author Ted Orland. Show us your best Holga image. “Out of the box” is about artistic creativity to produce an image starting with a Holga camera. Not that you have to photograph your Holga – out of the box – with out modifications.” . It is open to amateur and professional photographers around the globe that use a Holga camera or an element of it.

Holga Out of the Box opens October 3rd during ArtWalk and continues through November 22, 2013 here at TCC PHOTO |GALLERY located at 207 N. Center St., Longview, TX 75601 and on the web at http://www.tccphotogallery.com

Cash prizes and exhibition opportunities.

While the exhibit is up, on November 2, 2013, TCC will teach a Hack Your Holga 1 Day Workshop. More information below.

Ted Orland said this about using the Holga, “The world strikes me as a quirky but basically benign place. And more often than not, the elements of that world that catch my eye are those I encounter unintentionally, often fleetingly, sometimes just out of the corner of my eye while whizzing down the freeway.

For me, the Holga camera has proven the perfect match for those sensibilities. Equipped with a single-element plastic lens, the Holga filters out excessive sharpness so that realism doesn’t get mistaken for reality. Simply put, it sees the world the way I do. And given its mechanical simplicity, all I can do is point & shoot – I never need worry that life is whooshing past me while I stop to set up a tripod, or that photons are escaping as I change lenses or adjust a dozen buttons and dials.

My working method isn’t exactly rocket science: I simply hang the Holga around my neck, carry it with me most everywhere, and photograph pretty much whatever crosses my path. My overall theory is that if you lead an interesting life, you’re on track to make interesting art. (How could it be otherwise?) All you need do is put yourself on an intercept path with interesting experiences.”

Juror Ted Orland
Ted Orland lives in Santa Cruz, California, where he pursues parallel careers in teaching, writing & photography. He served as Ansel Adams’ Assistant in the 1970′s, taught at Adams’ annual Yosemite Workshop for fifteen years, and currently leads workshops on issues of artistic development.

Ted is co-author (with David Bayles) of the classic artists’ survival guide, Art & Fear, and is author of its companion volume, The View From The Studio Door. (He also created the playfully subversive Photographic Truths poster.) Ted has explored a wide range of subject matter and photographic technique over the years. A selection of his Holga camera images are featured in Michelle Bates’ wonderful book Plastic Cameras.

We are the only fine art photography gallery in North East Texas, specifically in
Longview, TX. TCC was first a commercial studio, then in 2006 we opened the gallery
with the inaugural exhibit of Muhammad Ali, photographs by Sonia Katchian. We were
the first US gallery to host the Holga Inspire traveling exhibit in 2009. We have also shown, Dan
Burkholder, Dennis Fagan, O. Rufus Lovett, Scott C. Campbell, Blue Earth Alliance
photographers, Polly Chandler, Mary Ann Lynch, Laura Pickett Calfee, Pat Brown,
Danea Males, TCC, Orville Robertson, John Wrather, Tami Bone, Texas Photographic
Society, Robert Langham, and Susan Burnstine.

Extended Deadline for Holga Out of the Box call for entry is August 4, 2013, Midnight CST !

Entry Fees
The entry fee of $35 for up to 5 images. Photographers may enter up to 10 images only
at $5 each additional.

Holga Out of the Box exhibit will consist of 30 prints in the physical gallery with an
additional 30 images included in the online gallery, totaling 60 images selected.
Best of Show – $500 plus a Holga TLR
2nd Place -” $250 plus a Holga N
3rd Place -” $150 plus a Holga N

When emailing digital files
1. Files should be 1080 pixels in the longest dimension saved in the JPEG format on
high quality setting (not maximum). Images should be sampled at 72ppi and saved in
the sRGB color space. Email entries to [email protected]

2. Label each file with consecutive numbers followed by your Last name, and first name initial .ie CampbellT_01 – no spaces and only alpha-numeric characters.

Be sure and copyright your images in the “file info” of Photoshop or meta data.

Meta Data
In the meta data – found in PhotoShop under “File”, scroll down to “file info” fill in the fields. You can do this in the bridge on multiple files by selecting the files, hold down the control key and select “file info” then enter the multiple fields.

Place the title in the “title” field, Copyright Notice, your name, City and State. In the Author field add your name Select “Copyrighted” in the Copyright Notice pull down tab and copyright notice © Your Name ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you have trouble with this let me know. Click here to see screenshot https://tccphoto.com/metadatascreenshot.jpg or I will be happy to do it for you. Email jpgs to [email protected]

All accepted photographs are for sale. The commission charged will be 50% of the
sales price. Print your name, address, telephone numbers (work and home), and sales
amount on the back of each print accepted.

TCC will exercise all due care in handling prints, but will not be responsible for loss or
damage or replacement.

TCC retains the right to display, project and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition
for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers retain Copyrights
to their individual works.

The exhibition is open to all internationally Holga photographers. The photograph needs
to exposed with a Holga camera or an element of it.

If Your Work is Accepted
Send one exhibition print for each accepted photograph.

Prints must be mounted and over-matted using white matte board with at least a 2″ border around print. Ideally, the photographs should be framed and ready to hang – no sawtooth hangers please. If you are shipping your framed prints, please use plexiglass instead of glass. To save on shipping costs it is ok to send mounted and matted as described above in standard sizes ie: mounted to 16×20, 18×24, 20×24. Check with me on the size of your finished print if you are sending it only mounted and matted to make sure I have glass to cover it.

Include return postage for prints to be shipped back to you after the exhibition. Most include a check for $15 (more for international entries) which would include shipping and $300 insurance. Prints WITHOUT postage will not be returned. Prints will be returned in the container in which they were received. Do NOT use peanuts when shipping.

Our Address
207 N. Center St.
Longview, TX 75601

Important Dates:
Call for entry begins: May 1, 2013
Extended Deadline: August 4, 2013
Announce Winners:  August 29, 2013
Exhibit opens: October 3, 2013 with ArtWalk
Exhibit closes: November 22, 2013

Contact Information (copy and paste information below in email with your entries to [email protected] or send as an attachment).

Name _________________________________________________________
address ________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________________________
state/Zip ________________________________________________________
Home phone ____________________________________________________
Work phone ____________________________________________________
email address ___________________________________________________
Please tell us the following
Title – As you want it to appear in the exhibit and online.
Process – tell us your process whether it is Silver gelatin, Platinum, Type C print,
Lightjet, Digital pigment print

Retail Sale Price of your image

Entry Fees (you may pay safely and securely with credit card or debit here:


or mail check to TCC PHOTO | GALLERY – address above.)
$35 for up to 5 images
Additional at $5 per image up to 10
Total Enclosed:” $

Payment method (please do not send in email – call with information)
Visa _____ Mastercard _____ Discover________
Number: ______________________________________________
Expiration Date:___________ 3 digit code _____

1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________
6. ______________________________________________________________
7. ______________________________________________________________
8. ______________________________________________________________
9. ______________________________________________________________
10. _____________________________________________________________

Email entries to [email protected]


Hack your Holga
November 2, 2013
with Tammy Cromer-Campbell

• Learn the peculiarities, eccentricities, operation and special characteristics of the Holga.
• Convert a Holga from its 120mm format to 35mm format and attach a cable release.
• Learn 3 different ways to make the Holga do closer focusing.
• Opportunity to exhibit your images on the official Holga website.
• Receive a Holga 120N model camera (a $30 value) as part of the workshop.
• The Workshop will be held at TCC PHOTO | GALLERY during the Holga Out of the Box Competition Exhibitjuried by Ted Orland.

In the high tech world of digital imaging, why in the world would anyone want to photograph with a Holga camera that uses “archaic” film? Perhaps because of the plastic lens which provides soft focus, ethereal effects. Maybe for the vignetted edges that add darkness and intrigue to many images, and perhaps for the light streaks which add surprise and serendipity. The randomness of the camera’s effects keep you wanting to make more images to see what the camera gives you. Yes, sometimes the images feel like gifts. This workshop, held in conjunction with the exhibit Holga Inspire, is unique: it will clearly show you how to use the Holga, and also show you how to modify it to get results that you want it to do.

Holga Limited, a company of the Universal Electronics Industries Group, which makes the Holga, is providing a Holga 120N camera for each student and the opportunity to exhibit images taken during the workshop on the Holga Inspire web page. After discussing the basics of camera operation, the camera’s unique characteristics, film loading, and exposure control (limited, part of Holga’s charm), Tammy will show you how to modify and test a Holga for closer focusing, how to adapt the Holga to 35mm use, and how to attach a cable release. Tammy will show some of her work, including images from her Holga book Fruit of the Orchard.

Tammy Cromer-Campbell is an award winning American photographer best known for her work as a social documentary photographer and speaker. Cromer-Campbell received her Associates of Applied Arts degree in commercial photography from Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas under the direction of O. Rufus Lovett. She continued her education by taking workshops from the masters in photography, such as Arnold Newman, Ruth Bernhard, Michael Kenna, Keith Carter, John Sexton, and others. The University of North Texas Press published, Fruit of the Orchard/Environmental Justice in East Texas in 2006. She’s received many honors and awards including Blue Earth Alliances first ever cash grant, in 1999, for Fruit of the Orchard. Her work’s included in public and private collections internationally such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Museet for Fotocunst, Belgium, and others. Fruit of the Orchard won a 1st Place under entertainment and culture in the Green Dot Awards and Cromer-Campbell is a 2009 National Women’s History Project Honoree for the Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet. Her work is one of the 10 masters featured on the Holga Inspire website http://www.holgainspire.com

Here’s what we will do.
9AM –10AM  Introductions.
There will be 60 minute, introductory lecture that will give
everyone an overall understanding of how the Holga works.
TCC will show her award winning body of work, Fruit of the Orchard | Environmental Justice in East Texas produced with Holga
Examples of work from various photographers will be
showcased to demonstrate the versatility of the camera.
Advice and tips for the novice Holga user will be discussed.

10AM –11AM  Hands-on demonstration on how to
temporarily modify Holga cameras to use 35mm film.  We will
go over how to load and unload 35 mm film in a changing bag,
and how to load and unload 120 film.

11AM – Noon Photograph downtown

Noon – 1PM     Lunch

1PM – 1:45PM Tammy will go over her work pointing out the different modifications done with the Holgas.

Show how to do a closer focusing modification with a non-fixed method using a step ring and micro lenses.

Create a larger aperture while lessening your depth of field. Finally, demonstrate how to attach a cable release to Holga N.

Modify the Holga for closer focusing using a permanent modification (bring extra camera, micro screw drivers, a loupe, and a changing bag, one will be on hand for all to use.)

3:30PM – 4:30PM  Explore downtown Longview and other local streets photographing with your modified Holga cameras.

4:30-5PM  Final thoughts and review.
$100, which includes a Holga 120N camera.
Pay online at http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=tccphoto and click on 2013 Hack Your Holga Workshop
Enrollment is limited to 15 students.

Sign Up for the 2013 Hack Your Holga Workshop:




Please send this form and your check to:

207 N. Center St.
Longview, TX 75601

About tccphotoblog

Tammy Cromer-Campbell photographs commercial, executive portraits, people, places, and things. Her first book was published by UNT Press, Fruit of the Orchard | Environmental Justice in East Texas. She is currently working on the film documentary that originates from Fruit of the Orchard. Her studio/gallery is located in downtown Longview, Texas and on the web at https://tccphoto.com/gallery
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