3RD Annual International Holga Out of the Box Photography Competition Exhibition, juror Ted Orland

And the Winners are for the 3RD Annual International Holga Out of the Box Photography Competition Exhibition, juror Ted Orland October 3 – November 22, 2013 at TCC PHOTO|GALLERY located at 207 N. Center St. and on the web at http://www.tccphotogallery.com. The show opens October 3rd with ArtWalk.

Best Of Show Chasin’ Down the Moon, Barbara J. Dombach; Holtwood; Pa.

2nd Place The Snow at Night, ©Jim Rohan, Wakefield, MA

3rd Place Wish You Were Here, Diane Kaye, Apto, CA

Honorable Mention, Don´t move… , Archival pigment ink, © Jose Manuel Madrona, Valencia, Spain

Honorable Mention, Storm, Digital Inkjet Print, Adam Finkelston, Roeland Park, KS

Honorable Mention ‘Cold Light’, Copyright Notice, Neil Loughlin, Washington, NC

Honorable Mention, Tales of Autumn XI, ©Jacqueline Walters San Francisco, CA

To see the other winning images go here http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=tccphoto and click on the button that says 3RD Annual International Holga Out of the Box Photography Competition Exhibition, juror Ted Orland

Ted Orland had this to say about the show:

As juror for the 3rd Annual “Holga: Out of the Box” Exhibition, I’d like to first offer my personal thanks to all of you who submitted images for the Show.

In case you’re curious about the jurying process itself, I can only say that – at least in my experience – it’s different every time around. In this case, working alone as the only juror, I began by simply studying each image, slowly and methodically, probably a dozen or more times over a span of several days. After lots of give-and-take, I narrowed the field to those that — well, to those that seemed to speak most clearly to my heart or intellect.

That was the easy part. It required another (and much more difficult) effort to winnow the 250-plus submissions down to the necessary limit of sixty images. And there, indeed, lies the inherent limitation of juried shows – namely, the process itself inevitably excludes some very fine work.

Having myself collected a large stack of rejection slips over the years, I realize there’s little anyone can say to neutralize the disappointment we feel when any of our personal favorites are (inexplicably!) rejected. But I’ve also discovered that sometimes the very same piece that doesn’t make the cut at one exhibition is chosen for an award at another. That’s just to say that quite apart from the work itself, luck and circumstance (and, sigh, the juror’s own artistic tunnel vision) all play a role the selection process.

But I can also say, with considerably greater assurance, that the range of processes and subject matter appearing in these images reflects both a voracious appetite for individual artistic exploration and a collective celebration of the vitality and breadth of Holga-based photography today. This is a really good Exhibition!

And lastly, endless thanks to Tammy Cromer-Campbell for organizing this Exhibition through her TCC Photo Gallery. Her backstage preparation and organization of your images made my part of the process satisfying and distraction-free. I hope you agree with the outcome. — Ted Orland

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Tammy Cromer-Campbell photographs commercial, executive portraits, people, places, and things. Her first book was published by UNT Press, Fruit of the Orchard | Environmental Justice in East Texas. She is currently working on the film documentary that originates from Fruit of the Orchard. Her studio/gallery is located in downtown Longview, Texas and on the web at https://tccphoto.com/gallery
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