Digital Photo Tips – How to Take Good Pictures

Have you taken pictures many times and never satisfied with the photos? Have wondered how you could be just like a professional photographer? I want to share with you how to take good pictures, even using just a simple digital camera.

You must first always remember that the simple digital camera is only a tool to express your unlimited imagination. Taking a good picture does not depend on the price of your camera. It depends on how you use the camera. Just imagine that you now have a high-tech camera and you do not have any idea how to use it at all. So just start with a simple digital camera and learn the technique first, before using a more expensive camera.

Here are some of my tips how to take good pictures:

Digital Photo Tips 1

Understand how your digital camera works. Read the manual book again if you do not understand how to change the settings. I find it very useful if I know perfectly how to use my own camera. It allows me to take pictures just like my imaginations. The most basic settings, that you need to understand, are the shutter speed, the aperture, the ISO speed, and the white balance. Other settings are usually extra tools to express your imaginations.

Digital Photo Tip 2

Take as many pictures as you can, be more active. Buy yourself one or more new memory cards. Because with those extra memory cards, you will have the freedom to shoot more than once for every object you see. And try to be more creative, try to zoom in or zoom out a bit, change the angle, put the object in different positions, change the camera settings, like the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, make many experiments with your own camera. Remember, practice makes perfect, it is always the effective way to sharpen you photography skill.

Digital Photo Tip 3

Join photography forums or discuss with your friends who also have this exciting hobby. I personally want to share my knowledge about photography with my friends and got myself excited that I could help them. Post some of your new pictures and let them review your pictures. Take their advices and critics, because you will definitely learn much more from them.

Digital Photo Tip 4

Try to make your own style. Copying other style is not a good idea. Style makes one photographer different with other photographers. Just be yourself and let your imaginations flow. People will more appreciate your original ideas than just copying other’s ideas.