Environmental Justice in the USA

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The Federal Environmental Protection Agency states that Environmental Justice is the entitlement of all people a clean and healthy environment where you live, work, and play. With this stated, the government still overlooks areas of the United States that are populated with mainly lower-income minorities that live with toxins penetrating their homes daily. Currently it seems our government protects profit before human life. It is the intent of award winning American photographer Tammy Cromer-Campbell that by bringing attention to these social and environmental issues through her photographs – change will occur.

Fruit of the Orchard | Environmental Justice in East Texas, Cromer-Campbell’s first book, documents the effects of environmental pollution on Winona, a rural community of 500 people. These citizens lived downwind of a toxic-waste injection-well facility. The children of Winona have suffered birth defects, rare tumors, skin disorders, and cancers that many believe are a result of their exposure to the facility’s pollution. Because of community action and Cromer-Campbell’s photographic documentation, the facility closed in 1997.

Environmental Justice in the USA (EJUSA), is the working title of Cromer-Campbell’s new photographic exhibition and multimedia presentation. She travels the United States to the most severely affected communities. With her camera, she shines a light Into dark places and discovers visual stories of people and communities that are being affected by toxic air pollution, polluted water sources, and contaminated soil. While on her expedition, she will also highlight communities and corporations that are socially responsible. Her journey begins in Seattle, Washington, continues on to De Berry, Texas, the ship channel of Houston, Texas, and other communities across our great nation.