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Environmental Justice in the USA

Multi-Media DVD

This 10 minute multi-media DVD presentation of visual stories showing people struggling with the effects of environmental injustice interlaced with music inspired by Bobby W. Cromer, performed by Dennis Kimbrough creates a presentation that is educational, emotional and powerful. The multi-media DVD presentation is perfect for fundraising, environmental justice education, and raising awareness.

Your support of this multi-media presentation enables me to continue with my ongoing work, "Environmental Justice in the USA".

To Purchase

Individual Use:

$35 includes shipping and tax.

Not-for-Profit Groups

$85 includes shipping and tax.

Corporate Use

Please email project specifics and proposed use.

Environmental Justice in the USA (EJUSA) Fine Print Program is a valuable opportunity to begin or add to a personal collection of fine photography. This project addresses one of the greatest injustices of our day. Each of the prints are limited to 25 prints. Prices start at $600 and increase as the edition sells out. Purchasing the limited- edition prints enables Cromer-Campbell to continue this project.

You also have the opportunity to sponsor her exhibition and multimedia

presentation by choosing a level of sponsorship. If you choose to sponsor at the Advocate level or above, your name or logo can be included on all promotional materials, including the web site and the multimedia presentation. Choosing to sponsor at the Supporter level or higher also entitles you to receive your choice of limited-edition print(s) as part of your sponsorship. EJUSA is a Blue Earth Alliance sponsored project. For tax-deductible donations simply go to Blue Earth’s web-site, and earmark the donation for EJUSA. For more information or to view more of Cromer-Campbell’s work, please visit,, or call 903.236.4686.

Sponsor Levels: (check the level of your choice & select your choice of print(s) below)

$10 Student

$25 Individual

$50 General

$100 Contributor

$300 Advocate (1 print)

$600 Supporter (2 print)

$1000 Patron (4 prints)

$1500 Sustainer (6 prints)

$2500 Benefactor (10 prints)